Portraying people goes beyond perception.


A portrait  is a search for meanings and wonder, a quest for hidden intensity.

"I  get enthousiastic when I can be creative, in finding the perfect look for a portrait. "


 I used to ask myself, “ How can I differ from the others?” Now the question is rather “Who is she or he and who am I?”


To be open to genuine personalities definitely opens new ways for portraying people.


My starting point is the acceptation of the model's individuality.


Inspired by personal feelings and individuality I  step beyond perception in portaying the model's features.

Both on a personal and on a photographic level, my quest for expanding beyond perception is never ending. 

Ruben De Muynck


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Ruben De Muynck   Beyond Perception Photographer / Fotograaf Leuven België 0477 22 50 25