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My dream is to bring people closer to each other with all respect for our environment.

I started organising small party's back in 2010.

Making flyers, decorating and organising the total concept myself.

Each time in different themes, inspired by different cultures around the world.

Many thanks to the people who helped with driving, bar shifts, all the dj's, location owners and of course, the people who make it all worth it.

I really enjoy doing this.

For coming gatherings, I would like to collaborate with other people to keep organising these events.




Are you creatively skilled ?

You have a gift that you might want to share? For example: You're a dj, make music, you sing, dance, make jewelry, cloths, give yoga classes, or meditation workshops... etc... Feel free to contact me, I am always interested in meeting talented people that might fit in for a next gathering.

Want to Collaborate ?

Always looking for people who are willing to put their hands together and have a vision on how to manifest an organisation to bring people together, with art as a creative medium in an open, conscious developing and relax human friendly environment. Feel free to contact me.

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Bohemian Barbeque 2012 Den Haag NL

India Vibes 2011 BE Gent

Ruben De Muynck Fotograaf / Photographer 0477 22 50 25 Beyondperception.net